Can I get a custom order?

  • How long takes for you to complete a custom order?
It depends on the complexity, for simple customs around a week, for more complex pieces, two weeks or so. I'll give you all the details via email personally.

  • Can I pay with bitcoins or other cr*ptcurrencies?
NO. I only accept payment in euros and via Paypal.

  • What type of plushies can you make?
I can make almost everything with good photo/image references. You can see more details here:

  • I don't want my order anymore, can I ask for a refund?
No, since it's a 100% handmade product I don't offer refunds of ANY kind. Not in custom orders not in any order in general. So please, be aware of this before purchasing.

  • How long it takes for my order to arrive??
It depends on where do you live, for spain a week or so it's the most common.
For UE around two weeks and for the rest of the world, around one month.
With all the covid situations, some delays may occur, so please be patience since it's out of my control once the package is sent. 

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